Refrigerator Repair

It is difficult to deny the huge importance and critical role which a refrigerator plays in our everyday lives. So often overlooked, this is a crucial appliance which helps to keep out food fresh and preserved, and stores our favorite snacks until we are ready to enjoy them.


If your refrigerator breaks down, the results can be expensive, chaotic and stressful, and you will need to turn to professionals with the know-how and skills to deal with the situation and carry out a repair quickly and safely.


Here at Bobs’ Appliance Repair, we are dedicated to helping you get back on track with your appliances, and have the skills you need to fix your fridge and enjoy a return to normality!


What Could Go Wrong with Your Refrigerator?

Your refrigerator is an appliance which is given a lot of jobs to do, and there are a lot of complex parts and components which could go wrong. Some of the signs that something is wrong include:

  • Finding that food is freezing in the fridge
  • The interior not being as cool as it should
  • Finding puddles of water on the floor
  • The ice maker overflowing, freezing up, or failing to dispense
  • Too much ice in the freezer section
  • Strange noises, such as knocking or buzzing sounds

Why Select Bob’s Appliance Repair?

Service Excellence

We put our customers first, and this includes offering a total overview of your appliance, as well as tacking the targeted repair. Our quality is always top-notch, fast and super friendly!

We’re Experienced

With over 15 years in the industry, it is safe to say we know our stuff. All of our technicians are fully trained and qualified and have the technical skills to carry out your repair safely, quickly and to the highest possible standard.


Affordable Pricing

The price we quote is the price you pay – and it is guaranteed to be competitive and reasonable! There will be no nasty hidden surprises down the line.


Professional Services

Professionalism is a major part of our brand, and we are dedicated to making sure that you receive a top-quality service every time. We offer a flat fee and accurate quote upfront, saving you from any nasty surprises down the line. We can also offer an authentic and realistic estimate as to how long the job will take, and we promise to stick to this. All of the parts we use are of the highest quality, and we fix things to last – once we have repaired it, it will stay fixed for the long haul. Our team are all total professionals, and we promise to leave our workspace as clean as we found it upon arrival after every job.


Get in Touch

Here at Bob’s Appliance Repair, we are dedicated to helping make your life easier with quality, professional repairs which are well within your budget. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment with one of our experts, and get your refrigerator back to normal in no time!