Washer / Dryer Repair

It seems almost impossible to consider a time when a dryer and washing machine were not integral parts of every household, and an essential part of keeping your house and life running smoothly.

These seemingly simple machines have become an integral aspect of our day to day routines, and take a significant amount of stress out of the daily chores which are essential.

In fact, we take these appliances for granted to such an extent that many of us are unsure how we would cope if anything happened to them. If your washing machine or dryer breaks down, panicking seems like a totally logical reaction, especially as the laundry starts to mount up and shows no sign of stopping…


Before you totally lose your mind, take a moment to give us a call. At Bob’s Appliance Repair, we are experts at fixing the unfixable and have an established, proven track record when it comes to bringing your beloved appliances back to life.


Should I Tinker With it Myself?

The idea of fixing your own devices can be a tempting one, especially the problem initially seems simple. There are some elements of maintenance, such as emptying the lint trap, which you will need to carry out, but any repairs are best left to the professionals.


Both washing machines and dryers contain a dangerous combination of water and electricity, and this is not a partnership you want to be messing with unless you are fully trained and qualified. You may also end up causing more harm than good, and this can cost you cash in the long run.


When it’s Essential to Get a Pro In


The Drum is Spinning, But There’s No Heat

This is a common issue and may be an issue with the fuse, a problem with temperature switches or thermostats, or a faulty timer or heating coil. make sure you give us a call to get this fixed in no time!


The Drum is Not Spinning

This is an issue commonly caused by a broken belt, blown motor or roller.


The Machine is Overheating

Check that there are no clogs in the system, and give the machine a chance to cool down by switching it off for a while, Check the lint trap for unwanted visitors, and make sure there are no blockages.


It Won’t Turn On

Your first job is to make sure electricity can access the machine, and that there are no problems with your circuit. Make sure it is plugged in and that the plug is working, there are no breakers being tripped, and the power cord is in good condition. If you still have no joy, call us in for professional diagnosis and repair.


Your Washing Machine Has A Leak

This is a common problem, and often the first sign that something is wrong.


When it comes to helping keep your washing machine and dryer in the best condition, give us a call to tackle any repairs before they have a chance to spread and cause further – possibly costly – damage to your machine.